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Scorpion Bed Liners

The most technologically advanced bed liner is here! Scorpion, the leader in spray-on truck bed liners, boasts a highly durable, completely UV stable truck bed liner that can be customized to fit any taste or situation.

Due to its unique formulation, Scorpion truck bed liners can be applied in any color imaginable with no special price premiums or top-coating. Scorpion also does not charge its customers outrageous start-up fees or burden them with overhead. Scorpion presents bed liners that can be used in any application, from truck bed liners to diving boards to trailers to Styrofoam floors! Scorpion bed liner products come with many unique properties, including: non-skid, anti-bacterial, fire-retardant, and even anti-static. Let us know what kind of coating you need, and we can make it a reality!

At Scorpion we stand behind our bed liner products, with all Scorpion materials being guaranteed with a lifetime warranty*. Aside from the fact that it looks great and will instantly reduce noise and vibration, a Scorpion bed liner can also protect your vehicle or item from rust, corrosion, and harsh chemicals.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the truck bed liner market for one reason: We are unique! No other bed liner or protective coatings company can offer a spray on truck bed liner that does what Scorpion Bed Liners can do. Do not be fooled by copycats or dinosaurs trying to make their last stand! Strike back with Scorpion Truck Bed Liners and protect your investments forever.

How Does Scorpion Protect My Truck?

Scorpion protects your truck by giving your truck bed a seamless coating that protects your truck from the elements and abuse. Since it is bonded directly to the metal, surface rust will not be present. If your truck bed rusts out, it will be from underneath, not from the top.

Because of the makeup of the bed liner material, Scorpion has a high resistance to abuse. It is extremely impact resistant and will take quite a beating. It has a high tear strength rating and will perform well under normal/heavy duty use. Even though Scorpion is super tough, it is not indestructible. There is not a bed liner on the planet that is indestructible.

How Does Scorpion Work?

Scorpion is a high build, high abuse truck bed liner material using the latest technology in polyurethanes. Our patented process gives our truck bed liners extreme durability, massive elongation properties, and high UV stability. No other bed liner gives you all of these in one coating.

When you need a bed liner installed on your truck, the process is simple.

  • First, a certified Scorpion Applicator will get the information from you how you want your truck bed liner to look like. You get to decide the color, texture, and if you want the bed liner to go under the rail or over the rail.
  • Next, the applicator will prep your bed. This requires scuffing the surface area that you want sprayed. This gives the coating a place to adhere to.
  • Following the prepping stage, the applicator will spray on our specially designed primer so the coating will adhere to the surface. Once the chemical is sprayed onto the primed surface, the bed liner will be permanently bonded to the truck.
  • The next step is applying the product. Your applicator will mix up the materials and spray them on your truck. Don't worry about over-spray. Your truck will be completely masked off so only the bed will have coating on it.
  • Next, your applicator will remove the masking materials and your truck is complete. There is a slight curing time. 24 hours for light duty use and 72 hours for regular duty use. Once the liner is fully cured, you will have a bed liner that is permanently bonded to your truck.
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